Thursday, March 13, 2014

Picture answer and more

Some people were right about my picture yesterday and some were not. Here's another of the same thing.


Yes it's the gap between the bascules on Tower Bridge - where both halves of the roadway meet. Well done James and or Amy . At TB they like to claim it's the most famous bridge in the world. Maybe. We paid our money and did the tour of the insides, looking at the now disused steam engines


that pumped up the hydraulic pressure to raise giant accumulator weights


to feed pressure pipes to where other hydraulic engines turned a gear wheel which engages with teeth on the bascule back end to rotate and lift the roadway. All done by electric motors now, Boooo!

Then up to the top where you can walk across the upper walkways which sadly are all boxed in behind double glazed windows that spoil the view to a large extent. Boooo!

There was though, in those top corridors a good exhibition of pictures of other fanous bridges throughout the world.

Worth seeing, but it left me feeling that wonderful though Tower Bridge is, some of the others abroad are also fantastic. Now you are going to ask me for an example, but I'm stupid and I can't remember.

Then I tried one of the cool panorame shots with the phone and got this.

Which I suppose gives you some idea of what it's like up there.


Last night Kath took her uke, and me, along to the Royal George pub, just over the road from Centre Point, where about forty other ukelele players gathered to sing and play the night away. I have to say it was brilliant. If you are not aware of the current uke craze, forget your preconceptions. They did everything from The Eagles to Queen via the Doors and plenty more besides. Both sexes, all ages, and everyone playing and singing at the top of their voices.



Today we indulged in culture of a different type which I'll tell you more of next time.


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