Tuesday, April 29, 2014

My cup runneth over

Yesterday (Monday) was more lovely than I had a right to expect. Despite earlier poor weather forecasts we left Norton Junction in dry weather and pottered back towards Watford Locks along what is always a pretty stretch with lambs gambolling in the meadows and birds chortling in the hedges. Then we arrived at the staircase locks and were allowed immediately up the flight. Hooray.

It was just as well we were passing Crick Marina again as I had left my phone in the car, so I did a rather fine swing into the marina service pontoon, ran over to retrieve the phone and then did a spectacularly good reverse over to the exit and back out onto the canal all in a couple of minutes. Of course no one was watching. Typical.

Then the sun ignored met office instructions and broke out to give us a fine afternoon on the lonely winding stretch to the pretty Welford arm where we moored for the night.

What a good day, and to cap it all my book by six o'clock last night had been downloaded by a total of 110 people! Of course over 100 of them had done so for free, so I am not rich. It goes to show that people will buy any old tat if they don't have to pay. It's still free today but back to a price tomorrow. If I can work out how to do it I'll put the UK price to 99p. Interestingly the stats tell me that one copy has gone to Canada, one to Germany and another to Japan.

The book has however received on review giving it four stars, but I have a very strong feeling it was not from a stranger. Thanks S.

Today we're off to Foxton.

It seems we just missed the Indigo Dreamers passing through Buckby top. Sorry guys, that would have been nice. Next time maybe.



Amy Willow said...

Just started it. Really enjoying it so far! Well done. Amy Willow

Moominpapa said...

Melaleuca is still lurking halfway down the 'Harborough arm whilst I bash the laptop keys. Call in when you get here.

Val Poore said...

The one in Germany is probably actually one in Holland :-)

Neil Corbett said...

I suspected it might be :-). Hope you enjoy it.


Marilyn McDonald said...

And one purchased from New Zealand!

Ian and Karen said...

Just finished your debut novel. Great story. Hoping you have another to follow.