Thursday, May 01, 2014

Wildlife rampant in Leicestershire plus book sales update.

Hmm, you go for ages without seeing anything unusual then several come along at once. today we have seen a Common Sandpiper on the canal bank near Market Harborough, a deer that just stared back at us as we passed him or her near to where our friends Simon and Ann (AKA the Moomins) were moored, a good view of a Great Spotted Woodpecker at the top of Foxton locks, and three rats climbing a tree to steal from a bird feeder. Typically I had no camera to hand for all except the last. Here are the rats, young 'uns by the look of them.


Our overnight visit to Market Harborough was good. Kath enjoyed herself at a session of the MH ukelele club while Peter and I had a good meal at the Golden Orchid Thai restaurant ( thanks to the Yardwooders for the tip). Kath ate less salubriously at Wetherspoons earlier.

Thanks to a cunning plan hatched between us and the met office, we are having the afternoon off sitting by the fire while it rains outside. We're at the top of Foxton locks so we can easily get back to Crick tomorrow. I suppose tonight we ought to put in a final appearance at th bridge 61 pub. It would seem rude not to.

Now I know you are all fretting about how my book is doing, so here is where we're at. The great book buying public is obviously keen on freebies because over the last three days they downloaded no less than 220 copies of Jobs for the Boys. Crikey!!! Beyond my wildest expectations of course.

However we're now back to reality and since it has returned to a sale price of a quid, the sales have completely stopped:-( I suspect that this may well be where they remain, unless you can persuade a friend to get a copy or a film producer to make me an offer I can't refuse. Nevertheless, it's been great and such a good experience. If you are one of those folk still reading it, why not do a little review and rating on Kindle /amazon when you finish. I might not get rich, but at least I'll have some feedback.

One or two people have asked if there will be a sequel. Well I think I might like to do one, if only to find out what happens to one or two of the leading characters. It keeps me out of mischief.



Val Poore said...

Welcome to the world of self-publishing, Neil :-) It's hard work to promote your books, but as soon as I've read my copy, I'll write a review and tweet it to death! In fact, I can tweet it now…so I will! I count myself lucky if I sell twenty books a month!

Val Poore said...

PS Glad you are having a good trip despite the weather!