Thursday, May 22, 2014

Volunteer perks

Wahooo!, I seem to have landed a good volunteering job on top of my existing CRT towpath ranger activities.  CRT in London are looking for a few people to move boats around the area in support of volunteering activities and they first approached existing volunteers including us towpath rangers.  After giving details of my boating experience it seems I have been accepted and next week I go on the first of several training exercises, leading eventually to a 5 year CRT Helmsman’s certificate.  Well I suppose I’ve already done the first bit at home, which was to watch a whole clutch of on-line safety videos.  Anyway next Tuesday and Wednesday I’m enrolled on an RYA Inland helmsman's course in Southall.  I’ve often fancied doing one but was a bit put off by the cost and the fact that by now I should know most of it.  So now I get one for free and I’m sure there is always something to learn.  Later on I have to do other courses and trials to make sure I’m capable and safe to move a range of boats around the system including CRT workboats and wide beamers like their boat Jena which normally resides at Paddington.  It might be that a boat is needed in support of volunteer towpath tidy days or maybe promotional events.  It could be anywhere between Bishops Stortford and Rickmansworth.  Suits me sir.

Tomorrow we’re off to Crick for the weekend.  No doubt we’ll be spending money on presents for Herbie.  The first thing I need is a bottle of Craftmaster polish. Our bottle is empty and poor old Herbie is looking a bit flat after the winter.  Quite a lot of stuff at the show is discounted so it’s a good place to stock up.  I might also toddle a long to see Richard Parry’s talk (he is CEO of CRT) to get a feel of where CRT thinks it is going.  Then on Sunday night I’m hoping that the Roy Orbison/ Traveling Wilburys tribute band are up to scratch. If they are, then I’ll be well happy. 

Hope to see some of you there.  To those who have already responded to our tea and cake invitation – looking forward to it. Let’s hope the weather is kind.


Carrie said...

Well done Neil, they're lucky to have you on board (so to speak). Sounds like you're going to be busier than ever. What will Eric do now?!
We went to Rickmansworth festival and Blackbird got two new mooring pins and some stern grease ( thanks Simon! :-)

Val Poore said...

Fantastic, Neil - both the appointment and the course. Sounds right up your canal :-) Have a lovely weekend!