Sunday, May 04, 2014


Down here in sunny Berkshire you can now cast a clout, ‘cos the may is out.  Up on the Leicester arm last week it was well in bud bud not yet ready to line the canal with a blaze of white. Instead we had to put up with yellow.

yellow field

There are some enormous fields of oil seed rape up there and the perfume, which is actually rather nice, pervades the air as you cruise along.  Over at Foxton locks of course it’s red and white all the way down, giving the chance for a good quiz question – how many red paddle posts are there. at these locks?

red paddles

Down at the bottom in the pub, we catch Kath sipping a pint of something else yellow, Old Rosie – strong stuff – whilst sitting under what we decide was the Saw of Damocles hanging from the rafter.  A chance to do the saw the lady in half trick Smile

saw damocles


Val Poore said...

That top image could be France, except that its rape and not sunflowers, but it's gorgeous Neil! I like the saw of Damocles :-)

Halfie said...

Oilseed rape? Perfume?? Nice??? Ah well, each to his own.

Carrie said...

Gorgeous photos. On the subject of colours, I've been meaning to ask if you might consider using a slightly lighter grey font for your text? I find it quite hard to read your posts but that's possibly because I mostly use my phone these days to read blogs. If it's only me, don't worry :-)