Friday, September 26, 2014

Canal Boat shock horror–royalty ousts boater

Plop went the pile of mail on the doormat today.  “Aah good, Canal Boat mag.” said Kath as she tore off the plastic bag and sat down to read with her cup of tea.  Then, she gasped in shock, “Oh no, how can this be?  It’s the end of the world as we know it.” 

“Whatever is it?” quoth I. “Has Braunston been bought by the Chinese?”

“More shocking than that, “ said Kath, “there’s no picture of Adam on the cover!!!!”

I grabbed the mag and sure enough there was no sign of the customary, nay obligatory, tilley hat atop the head of our friend Mr Porter at the stern of a boat.  Now I’m all for innovation but there are some traditions that are sacrosanct and this is one of them.  Looking inside at this months boat review there was no picture of Adam either apart from the little by-line mugshot.  I turned back to the front cover to make a closer inspection and then I spotted her.  There, bold as brass, just about where Adam should be, was HRH Princess Anne.  Back inside the magazine was a clear shot of HRH at the tiller of a narrowboat.  Clearly she is after Adam’s job.

Should I cancel my subscription?


KevinTOO said...

You have to ask??
Of course you should!! LOL

Val Poore said...

Perhaps they just wanted to see if anyone would notice the replacement of the regular with the royalty :)

Halfie said...

I confess I have two unopened issues of Canal Boat waiting for me to pull open the polythene. It's not the same now that Bones has been dropped.