Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Good numbers at Norton junction.

Lovely overnight moorings at Norton junction. We often stop there as we did last night as the first night of our autumn cruise that we thought we would never get round to.

We're off to a good start I must say and the numbers prove it.

First of all we arrived at the top of Watford locks and were allowed straight in and with the help of the volunteer Lockie we got down all seven locks in 30 minutes. That's a record for us and I think would take some beating by anybody at this site. Any challengers?

Remember in a recent post I fear we had knackered our batteries by leaving the fridge door open for three days while we were off on a coach jolly? They were down to 0% when we got back. Anyway between our stop at five o clock last night and half past eight this morning they only dropped from 100% to 91% with said fridge on all night, so it looks like they might have survived the ordeal after all.

Then the most surprising number of all, since declaring my book free on kindle from yesterday morning, 104 people have downloaded it! Blimey. Everyone loves a freebie it seems.

This morning we got through Braunston tunnel only scraping the side once despite having to pass a boat with a headlight strong enough to pick out a bomber at 30000 feet. If I close my eyes I can still see it seven hours later. Now we have arrived beneath the windmill at Napton under more blue skies and moored up. I suppose it would be churlish of us not to check out the Folly later. I think we had better enjoy this weather while it lasts. Autumn they tell us is only a couple of days away.

Oh while I think of it, we strolled down to the New Inn at Buckby top lock last night for a jar with Rick and Marilyn who live nearby. We got to drinking Marston's New World, a very pale draught beer brewed with Australian hops. If you like your beer to have a floral taste (quite elderflowery) do give it a try. It's a cracker.


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Anonymous said...

How does one pay the 99p for the download ? If it has to be done by internet , then please be aware that many folk do not use internet banking , myself included .
There are so many frauds .
Perhaps there is not a question of people looking for ' freebies ' as much as people being frightened of systems when a stupid clerical error or a software ' glitch ' can cause 99k to take ages to be reverted to 99p !
I will read ' Jobs for the Boys " . I am fascinated by your blog and Thankyou for it My last steel boat had a 100 litre MWM 4 cylinder diesel .