Friday, October 03, 2014

A near miss at Cropredy

We very nearly got caught on the lock cill just above Cropredy yesterday. Kath was at the tiller and I was busy chatting to some people at the bottom gates. I didn't notice that the current in the lock had drawn Herbie backwards and suddenly she was stuck. Luckily we reacted in time and dropped the gate paddles. No harm done, but a good reminder to stay vigilant.

Cropredy marina which was a muddy hole in the ground when we last passed here, is now looking quite smart and virtually full. So much for all the folk who said there was no call for it. We're supposed to be able to use it as we moor at Crick, the partner marina. It looks like a nice option.

Herbie's cabin sides are looking shiny after a wash and polish. Cooh it's flippin' hard graft! However, got to look respectable for the crowds at Banbury canal day on Sunday. We'll have the bunting out. Should you be at the scene, do give us a shout, we're open for tea and cake.

Last night after noshing one of the Brazenose Arms rather classy burgers (highly recommended), we repaired to the Red Lion for their Thursday quiz. Quite a good one as it turned out. We came equal second, which we thought was good as the team that beat us had five members to our two.

Today is the last day to get my book Jobs For The Boys by Herbie Neil free from Amazon /Kindle. It looks like we're on target for 200 giveaways this week. Hurry while stocks last, and if you do read it and like it, please send in a review. If you don't like it, my name's J K Rowling.



Carrie said...

Have a good day tomorrow. Would have liked to stop by for tea if we'd been in the neighbourhood! I sent my Dad the link for your book but I don't know if he got around to it. He's just discovered Orwell (at 81)and is being horrified by 1984.

Val Poore said...

200 downloads is a LOT!! Well done!