Sunday, October 19, 2014

BSS time

Yes the old anno domini has caught up with Herbie again and we’re due for the four yearly Safety Inspection.  Reading through the latest edition of the BSS manual I don’t think we have too much to worry about, but you never know what a keen inspector might find.  Time to spend a bit of money on the old gal.  Never mind, Herbie’s “sinking fund” has a bit put by for such things.  The fund is due for a bit of use in any case because now the fuel lift pump is leaking.  That’s a simple enough job and even a new pump is only £22 or so.  We also seem to be collecting water in the engine bay bilges (not the oily bit) and it took me ages to realise that it wasn’t coming from the stern gland, but from somewhere in the calorifier plumbing.  The calorifier isn’t the easiest thing to get to, being in a corner of the engine bay. I really can’t be bothered with contortionist acts these days, I’ll get a man to fix it.

Six people have paid good money (99p each or the dollar or euro equivalent) for my book this month!!  I feel quite buoyed up.  I also got another good reader review (thanks Chris) which is worth more to me than any meagre royalties.  I’ve at last got round to doing a page about the book which you can see from the blog.  See the link under pages on the right hand side of the blog screen.  In it you will find a synopsis (otherwise know as publisher’s blurb), an unexpurgated copy of all the reviews the book has received and a little bit about how I came to write the book.  Plus of course a link for anyone wishing to get a copy.

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Val Poore said...

I've got some catching up to do here, Neil! I'll sit down with a coffee later and read all the ones I've missed, but good luck with the inspection and great news about the book! It'll pick up in time if you keep plugging away!