Sunday, October 12, 2014

A load of old rubbish in Cropredy


Here we are tonight ( I wrote this on Friday but the signal was too bad to post then, so ignore date so) in Cropredy opposite the canoodling club. Note the lone canoodler in the photo. We ha a good trip up from Aynho in about as nice weather as could be expected at this time of year. Tomorrow we do the short hop to Cropredy Marina, Herbie's temporary home for two weeks while we nip home. It'll be nice to have a little taster of what it's like there.

After arriving here and sorting ourselves out, I took a little stroll to take a couple of photos for the blog and the first place I visited was the CRT service yard just over(or under, depending which way you look at it) the bridge. The water tap was leaking copiously as usual, but at least it's one where you get really good pressure. The over at the refuse bay I saw this.

Overflowing bins, no surprise there and a full sized domestic cooker with eye level grill. I would wager a reasonable amount that that didn't come of a boat. In fact I would wager a similar amount that half of the rubbish there didn't come off boats either. This yard has very easy access from the road, and just across the bridge is a small campsite. Hmmm. As to the good folk of the village, I'm not sure where their nearest council tip is. Maybe someone thought this was more convenient.

Walking back over the bridge I spotted this sign which must have been there for many years on the side of the old wharf building which now houses the canoodlers. I had never spotted it before.

Does anyone know what it used to say?



Halfie said...

In July I witnessed a car driving up to the rubbish skips at Stoke Bruerne Bottom Lock. The driver then unloaded about five large bags of rubbish which she deposited in the skips before driving off.

Some refuse disposal points, such as the one at Cosgrove, are in a compound secured with a BW padlock - but rubbish is often left outside.

I cannot understand the minds of people who do this. They are, doubtless, the same people who brazenly drop litter in the street/on the towpath.

Chris Wren said...

The rubbish situation has been that way since spring, so seeing your photo reminded me to email CRT with a like to your blog, this is their reply:

Hello Chris

Thank you for contacting the Canal & River Trust.

The collection was due for Thursday but there was a delay. Looking at the blog provided I can understand your concern.

We have spoken with the contractors who undertake our collections who have advised this should have been cleared today. I will ask our team in the area if they can double check this site has been cleared.

Thank you for bringing the issue to our attention.

Best Regards

Amy McEleney

Waterway Administrator

Chris Wren said...

There is another image of the sign here in which you can just make out "Cropredy Wharf" !