Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Where we are and why.

Here we sit at Calcutt while the redoubtable Jim stops bits of our engine from leaking diesel and hopefully finds the source of the water collecting on the floor around the calorifier.

We're on our way back to Crick following our short stay at Cropredy marina while we popped home breaking our sojourn up the Oxford canal. As you know, the last couple of days have been windy which is not ideal for crossing the South Oxford summit, but we managed it unscathed. This time we had Jacob and his girlfriend (yes he is growing up) Faith as crew. In order to give them a treat you understand, we have eaten out each night. Is it just me or are pub meal portions getting bigger. Three nights in a row I have been unable to finish my meal! I come from a generation where an empty plate at the end of a meal was essential, otherwise you would be accused of waste. The biggest meal of all was the chicken and ham pie with cheesy mash and veg at teh Wharf at Fenny Compton. It was really delicious, but the pie in particular was humungous, aboutsix inchs square and and inch and a half thick.

Napton locks are closed for quite a while from next week for new gates on a few locks and a mega repair to the lock approach side on lock 10. Already a small army of men and machines are assembling in readiness and brand new gates are lying on the lock sides ready for fitting. They're having an open day a week into the work where anyone can coma along and see the work from inside the empty lock. Well worth a visit of you are in the area.

Providing Jim gets finished this afternoon we will be heading back via Braunston to get to Crick in time for our BSS inspection on Thursday. Trevor Whitling is doing it.

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