Monday, September 01, 2014

More roses and a name


Well here it is.  I thought I’d have a lot of trouble with the name, but Kath suggested I try lower case and so I had a bash on a practice board and found it quite easy.  I suppose it didn’t take any more than five or six minutes when I did it for real on the can.

The bottom row of roses on the other hand were a pig.  I couldn’t seem to get the colours or the paint consistency right, particularly the latter.  It’s a good job you can’t see the finished job too close ‘cos it doesn’t bear close scrutiny.  I think it’ll look OK on the boat though.  Now I understand I have to varnish over the decoration and I’m reading up on varnishes.


Adam said...

It looks great - a really good mix of tradition, with a modern colour scheme. Next time I see you, we can talk about painting Briar Rose on my can!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant, lower case works better

I guess you will be on your next item very shortly


Halfie said...

Your roses look superb.

Oakie said...

Looking really good Neil. I would be proud of those roses. Some decoration of the spout would look good and some diagonal multi coloured stripes on the base. Keep up the good work - it gets easier the more you practise. I checkout other peoples work and blag their ideas.

Anonymous said...

Craftmaster varnish. No contest.
(Sarah on Chertsey. Blogger keeps defaulting to my work Google account for which I don't have a profile so it won't accept the comment)