Sunday, November 27, 2016

Coming soon to a blog near you

Well the old calendar on the wall tells me that it’s nearly December, and you know what that means.  Yes, time to book your Tux hire at Moss Bros,or dust off the old tiara, because it wont be long till the 2016 Herbie Awards.  I’ve already been consulting the boss on suitable categories for this year.  Old favourites like Best Pub (of course), best moorings, best boating gadgets, this year’s scariest moment, and more, including the prestigious Herbie Award to someone deserving.  (Deserving what, I’m not sure.) 

I might fling in the odd old picture quiz to leaven the proceedings.  How about something like this for those with a razor sharp technical brain.  What is missing in this picture?


or maybe a caption quiz e.g. what is the man in this picture saying?


Stay tuned. The ceremony opens on December 1st.  Bring your own bottle.


Carol said...

You'll need to make the questions much easier Neil! Can't see what's missing in the picture, but that's probably because it's missing.

Marilyn McDonald said...

What worries me, Neil, is why that person's shoes are so shiny and well polished - just doesn't seem right when teamed with overalls!

Neil Corbett said...

Carol, Clue:the bit missing is Hugely missing.
Marilyn, that'sounds Jim who used to work at Calcutt. He was ex RAF and always neat.

Neil Corbett said...

Marilyn , ignore "sounds" - just flipping autocomplete playing up as usual.

eeyore said...

The shoes are from the era of my apprenticeship when I was told "If you want to be an engineer, laddie, you'll wear a tie!"

Neil Corbett said...

What they said to was "you'll never be an engineer without a pencil behind your ear."

7 years later I gave up engineering

Nick said...

Whatever he's saying, it's a load of bilge.