Monday, November 28, 2016

Spot the difference – plus Vitriol poured on CRT

Some people seem to need a bit of help with my technical “What’s missing?” photo yesterday.  How about a before and after picture to help?  BTW they are both pictures of Herbie.

before                                                                    after

bay                 engine2

I know it’s tough to spot but something is there in the second picture that isn’t in the first.  Here’s another clue, it begins with E.

Nice to see that people are interested in Jim’s shiny shoes in my other photo yesterday.


Still no offers of captions.  As far as I recall he was trying to remember where he’d put the missing bit, (beginning with E).

I see that Steve Heywood has written a critical piece in Canal Boat about the CRT London plan to improve the towpaths.  I can’t say I’m surprised, a) because Steve makes his living by having a grumble and CRT are a soft target and b) because I suspect a lot of boaters share his views.  His vitriol is equally shared between speeding cyclists and CRT for aiding them.  You may draw your own conclusions.

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Marilyn McDonald said...

I was going to say Engine (beginning with E, rather than injun, beginning with I) but thort it a bit obvius ...

The shiny shoes really did take my eye! Maybe they distracted the wearer's attention from the job in hand ,,,

Cheers, M