Monday, November 14, 2016

Neil is innocent!

I'm innocent despite Kath's cruel accusations. I did not pee all over the bathroom floor, something not easy to do on our airhead loo unless you fail to reinstall the pee bottle properly after emptying. Further investigations revealed the liquid to be water emanating from the main water pump and I was exonerated.

This last happened seven or eight years ago. The joint between the pump and the motor body loses its seal and the water drips out. Sometimes you can fix it by the application of some sealant round the join, which is what I have done in addition to retightening the fixing screws. At the moment I have left the pump in the warm by the stove while the sealant cures.

Meanwhile we're drinking and washing fro bottles and saucepans of water we drew off before disconnecting the pump. I once met a proper hill billy chap who lived in the Appalachian mountains where he got all his water from a well via an electric pump. I asked what he did if his generator failed and he said "We just have to drink whiskey." Interestingly the things that most amused him on his first visit to England were fields with (dry stone) walls round, and three wheeled cars!

The sealant may work and it may not. Thd pump pressure is quite high. If not, the next step is to split the two halves of the pump and smear some sealant on the joint faces. If that doesn't work it'll mean a new pump. I think they're in the region of £100 so I hope not.

Tomorrow we head back to Cropredy and then home. Once again it's been a good trip despite not really going very far. People ask if we're cold on the boat at this time if year. Blimey no, we're too warm sometimes. People who shut up their boat for the winter are missing out.


Halfie said...

What is the make and model of your pump, Neil?

eeyore said...
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eeyore said...

Nice to see you face to face today.

We were out of town so missed the re-enactment. Could it have been a salute for Remembrance Day!

Vallypee said...

Oh Neil, you do make me laugh. In any event, I'm sure Kath is pleased it was the pump and not the pee.

Neil Corbett said...

Halfie / John. Its a Sureflow 5 litres a minute 2.5 bar. Looking on Midland Chandlers I see that they have since improved the design and cost a fair bit less than I paid for my old one, so I'm going to get one in their Black Friday sale.