Saturday, July 14, 2018

Peace of mind

Picture the scene. There I am, half way down the M40 on the way home after a boating expedition when a nagging thought enters my mind. Did I tighten the stern gland before we left?  Did I turn off the inverter? Oh ‘eck, the boat will sink and /or the batteries will be flat.  I think we get more like that as we get older, at least I do.  Normally of course, I have done whatever it is, but I spend the next week afraid that I hadn’t.  So now we have a solution.


I printed off a stack of these and use one each time we leave.  It works! Peace of mind at last. Except there are a couple of things I mean to add to the list, but I can’t remember what they are.  Any further suggestions for the list are very welcome. Of course it’s important to take the completed list home with you, or else you’ll worry that you did actually tick this or that.

In other news:

My new novel is in the hands of three kind friends who offered to endure a reading of it.  Hopefully they will confirm that it makes some sort of sense and that the story hangs together.  It’s no good reading through it yourself because your head is full of what you think you wrote.  Kath has been using her digital graphics skills to help with the front cover, a joint effort, which will look like this.

cover at

If it passes the reader test, I’m hoping to publish in a week or so. Exciting or what?


KevinTOO said...

3-Empty Fridge Contents...

Carol said...

So exciting!

Jim said...

Gas valves closed (if you have gas)?
All doors and hatches secure?

I found that it helped to start at the back of the boat (by securing the rear doors) and work through in sequence to the front when leaving Starcross for any length of time.

Herbie Neil said...

Thanks Jim. The Gas off thing was one of the ones i had thought of and then forgotten. I'll add it now.

Herbie Neil said...

Kevin, your comment has reminded me to add Empty veg box and Empty Bread bin, both of which we sometimes forget. The list grows!