Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A difficult stop

After leaving the Black Horse on Monday morning we cruised up to Uxbridge for the night so that we could refuel and restock at Uxbridge Boat Centre on Tuesday morning before returning to base.

It was pouring with rain next morning and as we arrived at the boat centre we had to park up against a couple of old wrecks between us and the diesel pump. They were in such poor condition that we couldn't even rope up to them for fear of pulling bits off! Kath had to stay on Herbie in the pouring rain while clinging on to the old wreck while I climbed over it to get to the bank and the shop. I'm sure UBC loses customers because of this difficulty of getting near the diesel pump.

We wanted particularly to go they because we had an £80 credit note for unused paint we returned after doing the roof job in March. Red diesel is now 80p a litre and we needed 107 litres to fill up. We also wanted a new bottle of gas but I refused to clamber across slippy wet wrecks carrying a 13kg bottle so I got them to do it (which they did with a smile).

An hour or so later we were back at our base near Iver and snugly tucked up against Lady Elgar. Next week LE is off on a cruise so we'll enjoy a couple of weeks moored against the bank - a good time to get a couple of jobs done without hanging over the water.

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