Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Twenty Answers

It seems that lots of narrowboat bloggers are following ace blogger Andrew Denny's invitation to play the Twenty Answers game (to the standard questions asked of waterways "celebs" in Canal Boat Magazine.) I have spent most of my adult life agonizing about which 8 discs to take to a desert island, but this is a bit easier, so here goes.

1. What's your favourite waterway?
I like all the ones I've been on but perhaps the Staff and Worcester might win for variety and charm.

2. What's your least favourite?
Don't have one really, but musn't cop out, so at a push maybe the Lee Navigation between Enfield and Clapton because it looks uncared for

3. Who would be your ideal cruising companion?
George Bush, so I could push him in :-) Actually, best is Kath plus a friend or two

4. What was the last (waterways?) book you read?
The Water Road by Paul Gogarty which I liked because I recognised the bits of canal I knew and got a good mental image of the bits I didn't know. My favourite is Idle Women

5. What's your best time of day to be on the canals?

6. What most irritates you on the waterways?
Plastic bags, whingers, and people who overstay on visitor moorings. Principally the latter at a pinch.

7. When would you most liked to have lived?
Now is fine.

8. When was the last time you fell in?
Well, I jumped, or rather dived in last year to help out our grandson Jacob who had fallen in. The only time I have fallen in was off the Norfolk Wherry "Albion" in 1973 just as a huge tour boat full of people with cameras passed.

9. What did you want to be when you were 12?
I can't remember. Probably a scientist

10. If I didn't have narrowboating I'd...
Go camping

11. Narrowboaters are...
Nearly all extremely friendly and helpful

12. After a days cruising I most look forward to...
A G&T if its warm weather, or a visit to the pub if it's cold.

13. The Waterways need...
Continual TLC

14. If you met Jonathan Shaw (Waterways Minister) on the towpath what would you say to him?
Get government to recognise waterways as an asset not a liability.

15. Windows or portholes?
Windows for practicality, portholes for looks. Nice as portholes look, you need light and a view when you are inside.

16. Pump out or cassette? Cassette - cheap, easy and effective

17. Rivers or canals? Hard to choose, but canals have the edge for mooring, all weather cruising and connectivity

18. Where will you be when you're 70?
Still here I hope

19. What do you think is your greatest achievement in life?
Remaining optimistic

20. What would your superpower be?
To get rid of superpowers

Andrew has a link to everyone else's answers on his Granny Buttons site

Phew, now back to worrying about those 8 discs. For my luxury on the desert island I'd like Ray Mears please.

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