Thursday, June 19, 2008

Some changes, and a mystery solved

I've had a little go at tidying up the blog. You'll notice I have added a "cast list", so I don't have to explain who people are each time I mention them, and some links. A lot of bloggers include links to virtually all other boat blogs, but I chose to list just a few that I read regularly. Kath may well add more later. If you want a complete list, then do what I do and visit Granny Buttons who is our favourite blogger site with something interesting every day and very complete lists of links.

Thanks to Adam (see comments on yesterday's entry) who pointed me to the details on yesterday's mystery boat Barka Dio. Not new as I thought but 70 years old and refurbished. A bargain at 25 grand if you don't mind being a bit eccentric and a bit too wide.

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