Monday, June 16, 2008

Safe return

Herbie returned unscathed from being borrowed by Claire and family over the weekend. Sadly they were unable to stop at Camden market because all of the mooring spaces were full. Bound to happen sometimes I suppose. They cruised back as far as Greenford where we swap boat and car and Kath and I brought the boat home the rest of the way.

I had told Jacob to keep an eye on how the boat was performing and how the adults were driving and by all accounts he did just that. Give him another couple of years and he'll be a good boatman.

On Sunday night we took the opportunity to try out a mooring stop we had often liked the look of - the park near Southall. The bankside grass was a bit long (nearly 6ft in places!), but there was a gap where we could get in and out of the side hatch, and we had a BBQ on the bank. It was a pity we had no beef because there was a nice patch of horseradish right next to where Kath sat.

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