Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Busy going nowhere - and when is a cat a cat?

An active day although we’ve only moved a mile or two. This morning another visit to Camden market for some more material for the sofa. (backing material we won’t actually see).

Then we set off through Regents Park to Paddington with me at the tiller and Kath on the sewing machine. After mooring up, I did a bit of varnishing while Kath completed the sofa bed cover. In the photo it loks a lot more OTT than in real life. She got so enthused that she is now making a pair of curtains out of excess material!!

When we moor up in busy places nowadays I often put our ship’s cat on the roof. A really lifelike “model”, it catches out loads of passers by who stare at it long and hard trying to decide if it’s real or not. When asked “Is it real?” I now answer “It depends on your concept of reality!”. Well it keeps me amused.

Peter arrives by train tonight and we’re off to Limehouse tomorrow.

By the way, Saltysplash has done a couple of spiffing write ups of the Slough Festival on his blog. Take a look.

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