Saturday, September 13, 2008

Slough Festival day 2

Dear me, what a shambolic organisation of a nice event this is. Lots of people roll up and have a lovely time, but, for boaters at least, the organisation leaves much to be desired. Information is in scarce supply, probably because decisions haven’t properly been settled. A band was booked to play in the beer tent tonight, but no-one had been told and the beer tent had no beer at that time. Finding out at the last minute the boaters rallied in support of the excellent little trad jazz band and a good session was had (by candle light and gas lamp).

We had a lovely day anyway, lunching on locally made samosas and lolling around on the towpath greeting local strollers. The festival was moderately busy with the fishing tuition doing a roaring trade with local kids. A trip boat ferried passengers to view the dubious delights of Slough basin, and we answered the usual questions from passers by. “Do you live aboard.” “Where do you go” etc etc.

Our polypin of Tring brewery beer is gently emptying with stalwart support from Geoff who, with Laura, treated us to a fine barbecue this evening followed by a generous and tasty whisky mac to help us to sleep.

What more could you want?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Neil

Sorry we missed you this year with our 2 community boats Pirate Viscount and historic boat Tarporley. Sadly we suffered a number of incidents that put us off returning including large bricks thrown at us narrowly missing a small child-police were called but didn't show, damage to the boats due to trolleys and other underwater rubbish. So sad such a potentially good event on what could be a lovely canal arm. Missed everyone but not the grief