Friday, September 19, 2008

Down to Limehouse.

How different the Paddington to Limehouse run will look in a couple of years time. Big new building projects are being started at umpteen places along the canal. It'll be in danger of being posh here and there. Perhaps the most interesting is near St Pancras where they will build an apartment block inside the frame of an old gas holder. Not only that, but they're moving the gas holder from its former position half a mile away!

Most of the way we were joined by a South African couple in a hire boat from Lee Valley boats . The boat seemed to go alright but it was about the scruffiest looking hire boat I ever saw. I hope it was cheap! The couple had intended to go up the Thames as far as Reading but the dreaded red boards had limited them to Walton, where they were stuck for a few days. Still they seemed cheerful enough. I expect its nice enough not being shot at.

Once at Limehouse we had a quick meal at Booty’s before Peter and Kath retired to the Grapes while I ran off to get a train to my monthly meeting of the Lowland and Border Pipers Society where apart from playing along with my Guru Jock Agnew, I met an amazing Asturian bagpiper. Most pipes are loud , but these were especially piercing. Nevertheless he was brilliant, although my ears are still ringing.

Moored opposite us in Limehouse was this sailing barge. Now there’s a proper boat.

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