Sunday, September 28, 2008

Herbie meets Granny

You should feel special, dear Herbie blog reader, in that by reading this blog you are in a select minority. For every one of you reading this, there are about thirty people reading Andrew Denny’s Granny Buttons blog. I suspect this is entirely due to quality factors and the fact that Andrew spends a lot of time researching interesting stuff, whereas I mostly just write about what happened today. The Herbie blog is more intimate stuff I guess.

We bumped (not literally) into Granny Buttons at Camden today and Andrew joined us on Herbie for a cuppa at Paddington this evening. Its always interesting to meet someone you know only from their writing, and so it was with Andrew, who is a nice guy and pretty much as you would expect. An evangelist for the power of the blog.

I persuaded him to pose with Herbie’s famous ship’s cat which has continued today to give much pleasure to passers by. Maybe one day the cat will be the more famous. I doubt it.

Camden market was buzzing as usual. I stayed on the boat, baby sitting Grace while the others went shopping. This went fine until Grace (asleep) fell out of bed with a bump. Nothing though that a cuddle and a couple of songs couldn’t cure!

As well as the market stalls, the crowds seem to like watching the boats coming through the locks and we always get a crowd and lots of questions as we pass through. At weekends we can get food there too. Today it was jerk chicken and rice and peas. Yummy.

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