Thursday, September 10, 2009


Do you get fixated on things when you start to get interested in them? I tend to. One of my fixations this year, which may not surprise you is signwriting. Today I have been trawling through my computer's photo files and tagging different types, and I found I had quite a lot of snaps of boat name signwriting. One or two are so good that I can hardly wait to have a go at copying it.

Take this one, seen at Thorpe Meadows in Peterborough this year. To me it seems so vibrant and lively despite being in black, white and grey.

Looking closely you can see that it's done freehand apart from masking strips to get straight edges top and bottom, but what I like are the little white lines that bring it to life. Click on the picture and you'll see what I mean.
Actually it was a cracking little boat too, although I can't imagine how it got it's strange name.. I like trad boats in this colour scheme, although I'm not sure it would suit Herbie so well.
Tomorrow we're off down to the Slough Canal Festival and we'll have no internet connection until we get home on Monday, so to keep you amused until then, how about this jolly bit of art on a boat that moors very near Bull's Bridge.

and the owners of course are:

No I will not be attempting an idea like this on Herbie!


VallyP said...

Haha, nice one! This seems to be quite a hobby now Neil!

VallyP said...

Of course, I wanted to say "Elementary, my dear Herbie," but of course, that wouldn't be fitting at's such an art!