Monday, September 07, 2009

London only half isolated!

Well none of you spotted my mistake yesterday, but Kath did. Boaters in London will be able to get to the Thames all winter - via Bulls Bridge and Brentford. But if they turn right at Bull's Bridge they'll come to a dead end in half an hour or so. I guess the lower GU will be lovely and quiet like last last year when we were cut off from the North down as far as Denham.

By the way, I wrote to BW about Iron Bridge lock. I'll let you know if I get a reply. And I found a lovely old photo of the lock on the lovely Francis Frith collection site - take a look. The cottage is gone now.

I also found this picture (2007 -pre Herbie roof paint!) of the same lock
and a group of gongoozlers watching Kath toiling away at the windlass. The more astute amongst you will notice that the bridge is made of brick, not iron, so I can only assume that its present name is a hangover from an earlier incarnation.

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VallyP said...

Never noticed a thing Neil...but then I wouldn't, not being an English boater..sniff. Wish I could be! Herbie looks a bit blotchy there without the roof paint. Definitely much better now!