Saturday, September 05, 2009

When I'm sixty four

Today, as is my wont, I was singing to my self (well no-one else wants to hear it!):

When I get older , losing my hair
Many years - Ohh

pause of sudden realisation

Eighteen months from now !!!!!!!!!

Blimey I'm the old geezer in the song very nearly. That brought me up short, I can tell you. I even have grandchildren on my knee, even if they aren't called Vera, Chuck and Dave.

I reckon I'm lucky to be this age now. Able to retire probably ten years younger than my kids will. Mortgage paid off because it was never more than twice my salary. Loads of narrowboat owners - especially the cruising rather than the live aboard type, are in my generation. I wonder how many of my kid's generation will have the time or the savings, or pension to own and run a boat for pleasure.

Or maybe they will. Most of our boats will outlast us old fogeys, so perhaps our kids will inherit them. Note to self - look after boat.


Simon said...

of course my first thought was 'he's got a lot more hair than I have...'

VallyP said...

Loved this post Neil. Quite touching in a way, it was. I've still got 10 years to go before this particular gulp factor, but it feels ever closer. My barge is already over a century old, but I'm pretty sure it'll outlast me too. Note to kids. Look after boat too...