Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Abundance at Crick

One more interlude before we return to the final batch of Herbie Awards leading up to the 2011 Special Award.

We just spend the weekend going nowhere aboard Herbie.  Not that we wanted to go anywhere, just to have a couple of days peace and quiet and to give the boat a good warm through. 

There are plenty of good walks at Crick and while out for a Sunday morning stroll I couldn’t help marvelling at the abundance of berries still there for the birds to eat.  I can’t recall, ever seeing such a good crop.  A little chaffinch was having a feast.

IMG_0923 (683x1024)        IMG_0925 (1024x686)

Just over the canal bridge quite close to the marina I came across something to tempt me too.

IMG_0932 (1024x683)

Sloes, absolute masses of them, ans within easy reach too.  In ten minutes I had picked enough for a couple of bottles of Sloe gin to add to the stock.  I could have picked enough for a gallon!

Just up the hill from the bridge, just north of the marina, the good folk of Crick have planted a millennium wood, a seven and a half acre reserve with an impressive variety of tree species. I didn't know it was there till I stumbled upon it, yet as the crow flies it’s only 500 yards from our mooring.  It all goes to show you don’t have to cruise up and down on your boat all the time.  Often it pays to stop and explore.

The canal itself looks very low.  I spoke to an angler who reckoned it was down by a foot from normal.  Come on rain, we need you.

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Anonymous said...

The berries look wonderful - I didn't pick any sloes this year, so no sloe gin this Christmas - aghhh!
Still, good to know the birds won't be starving this winter.