Thursday, December 08, 2011

Best Waterway 2011–a gem.

Aaaargh! Deciding on a Best Waterway seems impossible.  Each has its joys and its flaws.  The (small) people’s vote gives it to the Thames, and had we cruised it in better weather I might well have enjoyed it enough to make it a winner.  Also we didn’t make it to the “upper Thames” which is an area we love through our old camping days.
In the end, I ask myself the question, “Which waterway am I most looking forward to cruising again?”  Maybe it’s because it was fresh and new to us, but I’m going to give the Award for Best Waterway 2011 to : . .

The River Soar

P1050475 (1024x768)

I loved it the minute we turned onto it from the River Trent.  The quirky lock gates left open so you can shoot through.  The cattle grazing in the water meadows.

IMG_9893 (1024x683)

the scary weirs,
 P1050454 (1024x566)

and the meandering clear water.  Lovely.

P1050480 (1024x670)

Sorry Thames.  Sorry Oxford canal.  The remoteness and intimacy of this river won me over.

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Anonymous said...

Oh good - I love it too!