Friday, October 23, 2015

A Capital Result

Here we are 101 miles and 91 locks after leaving Crick, having arrived to a warm welcome from Sarah at Rembrandt Gardens in Little Venice. Thanks to Kath for doing the (free) booking and to Sarah for being very helpful and good to communicate with. Sadly, at the beginning of November, Sarah is handing the operation back over to CRT. I find it hard to imagine that they will do it so well.

The mooring is great. It must be one of the best spots, if not THE, best spot in London



overlooking Brownings Pool, and handy for Paddington etc. Our mooring rings were duly labelled up with Herbie's name and the dates of our stay (7 days) and Sarah came along to settle us in and give us any info we needed. It's a small world, it turns out she was brought up in the same village as Kath!

London's canals are, as we all know, chock full of residential boaters and good moorings are hard to find. We crawled past miles of moored boats on the way in. Nevertheless we just took a stroll up to Paddngton Basin and there were three empty spots outside the station entrance plus a couple more over the jacuzzi bubbles (people who have been there will know what I mean).

Yesterday as we left Uxbridge, it was hard to imagine that by mid morning we had no more locks to do. That's it now for locks, we can put the windlasses away for a long time. You may recall that we stayed over in Uxbridge to see Henry V live from Stratford at the cinema. As usual in these Stratford things it was very good and well worth making an effort to see. I'm getting quite cultured in my old age.

Tonight we've got tickets for the little Canal Cafe Theatre just over the way, to see their weekly comedy news review. We've been there a few times and it's always good and if I recall correctly they keep a cracking pint of Windsor Brewery Guardsman downstairs.

Last night we rested at the Black Horse at Greenford, oft times shortlisted for a Herbie Award and still good. They have a Thursday quiz, which they buy in and its a good one not overburdened with questions about soaps, celebs and the like. I like questions like "who invented the aqualung?" and "who first had a hit with Magic Moments?" and "name the EU countiries whose name inlude 'LAND' " Good old general knowledage stuff. Do you know? Despite there being only the two of us, we came second.

Anyhow, here we are for a week in London before returning to High Line Yachting for our winter berth. Feel free to envy us.


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