Sunday, October 04, 2015

Solo Flight

Kath didn't make it back to Herbie yesterday, too busy being a grandma, so I set off as a single hander in order to keep us moving. The only obstacle would be Watford locks, which have a good supply of volunteer lock keepers, so I expected they would help me down the flight.

it was a long wait at the top of the locks, about an hour and three quarters I think, and the lockies were busy, so when I got into the actual staircase bit, they left me to get on with it. So there was I hopping on and off the boat and red-before-white paddling and all that, all on my tod. Actually I enjoyed it and it was easier than I thought. Thankfully a kind couple of boaters waiting to come up, worked me through the last two single locks and then I was away.


Herbie purred along the canal with the mark 1 Tachomatic Revostat not exactly living up to expectations. I think I may have compressed it beyond its elastic limit. I have rebent it and reinstalled it for further trials. No one has correctly guessed what it is yet. I'll give you a clue - it's there to ensure steady progress.

Today Herbie has another rest day just before Norton Junction. I don't fancy Buckby Locks on my own. In fact I don't fancy them anyway. They are not my favourites.


It's very pleasant here. The solar panel, in dappled shade is managing about 2.6 amps and there is the occasional passing boat to look at. And of course, should I need it, there is a pub just around the corner.



Adam said...

I reckon it must be to keep your Morse control from slipping.

Halfie said...

It's to hold your otherwise loose Morse control lever in the position you set it to, thus holding the engine revs steady.