Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The East End comes to Bulbourne

I know what I forgot to tell you yesterday. As we came through Bulbourne, by the lovely old building where they used to make lock gates, we noticed that the canal was full of historic narrowboats. I can't remember which ones they all were except that Owl was one of them. I always remember Owl because it has that lovely Kelvin engine that used to drive the air compressor for a lighthouse fog horn. Anyway, I digress.

In the yard there were carefully placed stacks of old barrels and packing cases, and strings of washing hanging out to dry. Period stuff, not modern. When we enquired what was going on, they told us that they were setting up for the filming of an episode of Call the Midwife. So look out for it when the next series comes out and see what you can spot. To the general public I suppose it will look like something from London's docklands, but we'll know better won't we?

We've stayed put in Berko today and took a stroll along the long main street, which is full of good old buildings. There was also a small but very good street market selling upmarket (as you'd expect in Berko) food and such like. Sadly, our food cupboards an fridge on Herbie are fully stocked at the moment, so we confined ourselves to buying a nice chunk of cheese and olive focaccia.

Radio 4 afficionados will be sad to hear that Ed Reardon was nowhere to be found.

Oh, one last thing. I've resumed writing the continuing stroy of Eric, taking up from where the last book left off. I have been playing around with it for a long time now, and had several false starts, but I think it might be rolling now. I read through a number of my attempts at the first five thousand words or so, all different, and one leapt out as being the best (or the least worst), so I have now committed to one and am already up to over ten thousand words. Watch this space.

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