Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A problem solved

Today is a rest day for the Herbies, which is just as well, cos it's peeing with rain outside. This gives me a chance to catch up with things I meant to blog about, particularly the story of the Tachomatic Revostat and its more successful successor. Regular sufferers of this blog may recall the stainless steel wavy washer that Rick made to slip behind the Morse control spindle on Herbie to stop it slipping backwards. Well that kind of worked but not all that well because the steel was too thin and just got squashed flat. Now people who know Rick know that he is a clever old stick and has a determination not to be beaten by an engineering problem. Accordingly he went of in search of a source of thicker stronger stainless steel, preferably of the springy variety.

So on his return to Herbie last week he presented us with (loud fanfare),


I would show you a picture of it, but it is installed invisibly within the Morse control, so here instead is a picture of the box



and the instruction leaflet

In the Amish tradition of leaving a small mistake in something you make to show that only God is perfect, you may notice Rick's leaflet refers quaintly at one point to the Morose lever.

That's all very well, you may say, but does the flippin' thing work? And the answer is . .Yes it does! The lever now stays where we put it, instead of slowly creeping back and dropping the engine revs. It took two goes to compress it to the right level, but we dunnit.

Any sufferers of the same problem may enquire as to where the correct grade of steel may be obtained and why Rick is unable to make any more Revmasters. Well, let's just say that Marilyn's kitchen pallette knife now looks an inch shorter than it used to. That woman is a Saint. The other reason that Rick won't be making any more is that all his drills are now blunt!

Tonight we are off to the cinema to see a live broadcast of Henry V from Stratford-upon-Avon. Just a little tip for you: Note the hyphens, some satnavs and web maps won't find it without!


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Halfie said...

Morose lever? Love it! I reckon Marvin had a few of those.