Thursday, March 03, 2016

Beaten on penalties

A very jolly evening yesterday at the Warwick Castle in Little Venice. We teamed up with Carol and George (Still Rockin') and Diane and Ray (NB Ferndale) to enter the pub quiz. Carol obviously gets up earlier than me and has already posted a photo of us on the Still Rockin' blog.

George proved he is Still Rockin' by getting more of the music questions than the rest of us, and between us we managed to answer a fair few of the rest of the topics, although as usual we didn't do too well on pictures of "famous" people. Not famous in our house most of them. Anyhow, come the finale, we were equal first with two other teams so there was a tie breaker. Do you know the population of Topeka, Kansas? (Answer at the bottom) Well we were way out, so we missed out on the big prizes.

It's been alarmingly windy at times in this notoriously windy spot. In the middle of the night I could hear something large and metallic crashing about further down the was. Maybe a bin or a length of the fencing they have put up to mark of the demolition work.

Yesterday I went to Mecca. Well my version of it, which is Denmark Street where every shop is a guitar shop. I wasn't out to buy a guitar, I already have quite a few, but I fancied a tiny amp to go with my old "Maffi" stratocaster which lives on Herbie. Here's what I bought, with a coffe cup for scale.


Cute huh? Very retro and somewhat geared towards a sixties sound. It's especially good if you plug headphones in.

I'm doing a bit more on my book while I'm here, and I suppose I must be getting close to half way at 34,500 words. I'd better start thinking about untangling the plot, I haven't got a clue what will happen.

Talking of big numbers, Topeka (according to our quiz master) has a population of 120,000.



Jim said...

But what are the populations of Atchison and Santa Fe?

Carol said...

So we didn’t wake you up then when we crept passed Herbie this morning just before 5 going to the water point?

Vallypee said...

What fun to have been quizzing with Carol and George. I'd better not show that amp to Koos. He'll want one too!

Neil Corbett said...

Jim, that's exactly what I thought
Carol, I didn't know there was a five O clock in the morning