Monday, March 21, 2016


In yesterday’s blog post I included a picture of our old friend Pete Higson without realising that it is just three years ago today that he was taken from us.  Thanks to his wife, our equally good friend Val, for pointing it out.

Pete was very keen to come boating with us whenever he could, and he was the ideal companion, not only on the boat but in the pub in the evening when he would spend his beer vouchers(bank notes) with great relish.  We have known Pete for something like forty years and over the last good many years before he died we would play music together every Tuesday night.  So in his memory I have put together a little slide show accompanied by a recording of me and Pete playing and singing a song on one of our Tuesday nights.  Both the photos and the recording are a bit rough and ready, but its the memories that count.

I tried to embed the resulting video into this blog post but due to some technical problems I don’t understand, it didn’t work, so should you wish to see more of Pete and hear me and him murdering one of Bob Dylan’s more poignant songs, then follow this link.


Vallypee said...

This made me cry, Neil. It's too beautiful. What a wonderful tribute to a great friend, mate and musician.

Unknown said...

What Val said. Lovely tribute to a lovely man.

Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

Lovely to read such a loving tribute to a friend, Neil. And the link was definitely worth following. I get the impression that you and Kath are good friends to have.
Cheers, Marilyn

Anonymous said...

Thank you Neil that was a great tribute, He would have made a great aussie!cept we don't like warm beer here
Pete's cousin Helen

Fiona B said...

Love it Neil, thank you.