Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Tea at the Palace

I am awash with tea. Kath went off ancestor chasing this morning while I prepared to attend a meeting at the CRT Little Venice office. They are teaming up with the national Walking for Health charity to set up towpath walks for (mainly) older people who need to up their fitness or people who might be otherwise isolated and need company.

Anyway at the meeting I had a cup of tea. When the meeting finished, Mike,one of my Ranger friends came back to have his first look at Herbie and of course we had a cup of tea. Then another ranger friend dropped by and on went the kettle again while we chatted about this and that. Quite a jolly sociable afternoon. Anyway they eventually departed and I sat down to read the paper when there came a knock on the side of then boat. It was Veronica, another CRT volunteer who lives on a boat on Blomfield Road. "Cup of tea Veronica?" "Yes please." We had a long chat over our tea about all sorts of stuff including what it is like to live in what are to many minds the most attractive moorings in London. Not all roses it seems.

We had just finished our tea when Kath returned. Veronica went off home and Kath and I walked down to Rembrandt Gardens where we had an invitation to visit Carol and George on their big boat Still Rockin'.

Of course the first thing they said was "Cup of tea?". Well it would have been rude to refuse tea at the palace!

Still Rockin' is a lovely boat, it feels more like a comfortable apartment inside. Being boaters, we of course discussed toilets at some length, especially as they too have an Airhead composting toilet. I was glad to hear that we were not alone in having to overcome fitting issues with the "exhaust" system, although we all agreed that the Airhead was a good thing to have now that we have got the installation right.

Now we are back on Herbie having a bite to eat. I declined Kath's offer of tea.

How nice to come away from home, moor up in the city and spend the whole day chatting to friends. That's boating for ya.




Carol said...

Great to see you both again after such a long time. xx

Marilyn McDonald said...

I am disappointed, Neil and Kath, that Carol and George offered tea rather than wine! What is the world coming to? I am sure you needed some wine to counteract the effects of all that caffeine!
Cheers, Marilyn

Neil Corbett said...

Marilyn, I behoves me to confess that George did offer us wine, but being my alcohol free day (I try to have at least one a year) I declined and accepted tea.