Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Herbie Awards–Best Pub result plus a picture quiz

Ooh it was a tough choice, but in the end we decided that this year’s Best Pub  of the three excellent nominations was the one which gave us a bit of excitement when we went in because we had no idea of what beers they would be selling, but we knew they would be good. \So the winner of

The Herbie 2016 Award for best Pub


The Rising Sun at Berkhamsted


To be frank, I can’t see many complaining about that!

Now, for a little break before the remaining categories, how about a little picture quiz.  How many of these places can you identify?

First, and possibly easiest– in what town is this?


This next one we visited a few years back, but it’s still the thinnest lock balance beam I have ever seen.  Any idea what waterway and what town?


Next, where’s this?  Easy if you know it.


And lastly, do you recognise this weir?  Again, what town?



Clue:  They’re all comfortably south of Birmingham

Answers next time. I have a private bet who might be first with the answers.


Halfie said...

1. Linslade (or Leighton Buzzard if you prefer)

3. Shrewley Tunnel

I don't know the others, but I bet you're betting that Adam will be the first with all four.

Mike Todd said...

The first one looks like Wyvern Shipping in Leighton Buzzard

Adam said...

1. Leighton Buzzard
2. Harlow Town on the Stort (I recognise the railway station)
3. Shrewley foot tunnel
4. Brentford, by the lock onto the Thames.

Oakie said...

Guessed the 1st at Leighton Buzzard. They had to be hire boats with all those life rings on top.

2 & 3 not recognised.

4 Brentford weir taking the R Brent away from above the lock.

I think we could be brothers Neil, coz all four pubs on your shortlist are equal faves in my book too. The other thing that influences choice is who you drink with in each and what a good time you had with them.

Vallypee said...

The pub at Berkhamstead looks very nice. I was in an English pub for the first time in years last weekend. It was at Wookey Hole in Zumerzet :) Loved it for the friendly atmosphere...