Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Herbie Awards–Rural Result and Urban shortlist


Let’s not beat about the bush about where we beat about in the bushes.  From yesterday’s nominations, one name made it into the Golden Envelope, and tearing it open we read the card and it says

The winner of the Herbie Award for best Rural Mooring 2015 is . . .

(annoying ten second pause)

Kirtlington Quarry

Apart from the rough rocky edge to the canal, it’s a lovely place to stop, and there are some fascinating short walks to be had right from the boat.  It’s a great place for a picnic or a BBQ too.

And so to the nominations for Best Urban Mooring

Well a previous winner, Paddington, won’t be getting it this year. This is where we ended up when we visited in February.

Still handy for all the amenities of course, but hardly the best spot in the area.

Two months later we were in the Great Metrollops of Milton Keynes and we were lucky to get in at our favourite spot in the town / city.  Great Linford visitor mooring


It doesn’t look very Urban but it is, and it has to be on anyone’s short list.  A bus stop a couple of minutes walk away get’s you into the centre in a few minutes.  Here’s the view from the boat.  That’s the Nag’s Head pub in the distance.


Then how about Banbury.  I suppose that’s our new local town now that Herbie is based in Cropredy.


Is that urban enough for you?  Right adjacent to the town centre.  The visitor mooring policy is tight but reasonable and it’s always kept clean and tidy.  I’ve heard tales of oiks being a nuisance, but after several visits, we haven’t been bothered by them. Here’s the same spot but looking the other way.  We’re more than happy to have it as our new local town.


Finally there’s Oxford, or Jericho to be more precise.


Less than ten minutes walk from the centre and handy for several good pubs and also the railway station should you need it.  Unlike previous visits, we found it easy to find a spot to tie up.  If your allotted 48 hours isn’t long enough, it’s not far back up the canal to where you can have another 48hrs.

Three good visitor moorings in three good towns / cities.  Yes I even like Milton Keynes, apart from the endless roundabouts.

I have a leaning towards one, but I’ll consult SWMBO before we write the name in the golden envelope.

Come back tomorrow for the result and for ideas for the Best Pint of Beer 2016.


Anonymous said...

Can I put in a late vote for Great Lindford - I love that mooring - it's an unexpected gemif all you know about Milton Keynes is concrete cows and roundabouts :-)

Sue, nb Indigo Dream

Vallypee said...

Milton Keynes looks wonderful! I'd go for that too :)
I love the Herbie awards!