Saturday, March 08, 2008

Herbie returns home in style

Well, we left the wet dock early this morning with Herbie looking a lot smarter than when she went in.
AfterSix coats of paint on the roof, three on the gunwales (on top of the old paint), four on the handrails, and new paint on the bow, the stern and the tiller swan neck. Not bad for a week's work.
When they raised the door from the water we had to wait half an hour for the door to stop dripping mucky water so that the boat could get out without getting the roof dirty. It'll get dirty one day, but not today!

Kath drove the car back to our moorings while I brought Herbie back which gave Kath the opportunity to photograph our approach down the Slough arm from the bridge by the boatyard.

We still have more to do, there's always something to do on a boat, but were looking forward to enjoying our cruising this year without major jobs hanging over us.

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