Thursday, March 06, 2008

Looking good

Day six of the roof painting and we have the final top coats done. Here are the first pics of the boat with the masking tape off.

Yesterday's top coat on the roof was still wet when we arrived this morning so we had to have the heaters most of the day to get it dried through before I could do the final coat. Rick and Marilyn had left for home by then but not before we had had a celebratory all day breakfast at the tea room at Cowley Lock.

Their contribution to the job has been huge and we can't thank them enough. All we can offer is a moment of glory by having their photo on the blog.

I hope marilyn hasn't got her hand in the wet paint there!
Tomorrow we just have to touch up a few little paint details and clear up the mess while the paint has a final drying before we exit the dock on Saturday morning.

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