Friday, March 14, 2008

Safe Bankside

A bit of good news today. Our son Richard's boat "Bankside"

passed its Boat Safety Scheme inspection so he certified as safe for four more years. We went up to help prepare the boat a few weeks back and one thing we did was change the gas pipe, so I'm glad it has been tested for leaks and passed.

Another strange thing we did was address the issue of the batteries requiring to be covered, by placing a rubber bath mat over them. In practice the batteries were safe anyway, being tucked under a steel deck with not much headroom. The risk is that any metal object such as a spanner which fell on the batteries and shorted across the terminals would start a fire. Anyway the inspector appears to have approved of our novel solution.

Today we hope to return some of the surplus paint that we ordered for Herbie's roof painting last week. Two 2.5 litre tins costing over £35 each didn't get opened. I think the chandlery will give us a credit note rather than cash, but that's OK, there are always loads of things to buy from there.
Money in, money out. We also today will pay for our next year's mooring and our annual BW licence. Over £2000 all told. Ouch.

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