Monday, March 03, 2008

sticky tape paper and paint

Today we finally got past the big rubdown jobs and from now on it's paint paint paint. We had to use the wall heaters for a bit today because the weather is turning quite cold. We're trying to be sparing with the use of the heaters because we've been warned that the electricity bill will be huge if we use them a lot.

It took ages to put masking tape all along the top edge of the boat sides to allow for a thin band of paint to sit below the handrail edge. Herbie looked very strange all taped and newspapered up.

I did more on the well deck today. Since we started it has gone from this

to this

You might just notice Rick's footprint in the wet paint! Ah well.

The ladies got on with one of the gunwales painted today You can see the before and after by comparing this photo with the first one in this post.

Kath also demonstrated her skills on some twiddly bits. She gets a much finer finish than I do.

We still have another three days hard work and then a final day to dry out and clear up. Stay with us.

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