Sunday, March 02, 2008

A mother's day treat for the ladies

Mothering Sunday today, so as a special treat Kath was allowed to lie on a concrete floor and rub down rust spots on the gunwales. Meanwhile our other mother on the team, Marilyn had the pleasure of continuing with srippind and sanding the wooden handrails. Lucky ladies.

The men got on with similarly thrilling tasks of sanding and filling, and by early afternoon we had finished most of the prep. Now came the mammoth clean up. We had made a ton of dust and shavings and we couldn't start painting until it was gone. I can tell you it was a non trivial task! We swept, vacuumed, and finally washed down the boat with white spirit. By now we had the feeling that we had broken the back of the whole job and from now on we could mostly paint rather than prepare. Another coat of primer went on the roof and it now looks quite good. Four more coats to go.

Tomorrow we plan to wash down the boat a bit, then get on with painting, including the first coat on the wood and the gunwales and of course the roof. We can also start on some fancy bits if we have time. I hope to put some triumphant photos here tomorrow. Don't miss it.

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Anonymous said...

I loved the picture of the rust.. shame that you had to get rid of it... great inspiration!