Thursday, July 10, 2008

Foxed at the Fox

We left Teddington lock at high water this morning and had a very gentle run down to Brentford with the river as flat as a mill pond. Once safely in Brentford basin we used the BW showers to freshen up and then set off up the GU towards home. Being back on the canal felt a bit like being back on dry land. At least the water stood still. We enjoyed the Thames though and Kath, who was a bit scared of the tidal river is already talking about going all the way up to Oxford next time.

On approaching Hanwell I felt a tiny spot of rain so insisted we moor up by the Fox until it cleared. In fact, overnight just to be sure. So we endured a night of eating and drinking at the Fox, and took part in their pub quiz, which Foxed us a lot of the time. Still, we failed to come last so salvaged a bit of pride.

Tomorrow is the last day of the trip. Back past Bull's Bridge, on to Cowley then down the Slough Arm where no doubt Herbie's propellor will be pleased to cosset itself in the abundant blanket weed.

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