Saturday, July 12, 2008

Reviewing the trip

Herbie now rests at her moorings while we plan our next trip. We really enjoyed the last couple of weeks and can thoroughly recommend the Wey navigation. It was an easy trip too compared with our more usual rigours up the Grand Union to the Tring summit. This time we did 94 miles and 64 locks, although 10 of the locks were done for us by lock keepers.

In summary our new experiences taught us that:

1. The Wey navigation carries predominantly narrowboats - a surprise to me - and quite a few hire boats
2. The tidal Thames (upstream of Brentford) is not at all scary in reasonable conditions (a surprise to Kath)
3. There are more water fowl, especially coots and herons, on the canals than on the Wey - a surprise to us both. Maybe coots thrive on human detritus.
4. The Wey seems to have no unlicenced boats, no continuous moorers, and hardly any old wrecks - quite different from the GU.

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