Saturday, July 26, 2008


It seems the worst of the weed has passed on the Slough Arm. It is still very weedy at the edges, but there is a narrow channel in the middle where you can get through without too much problem. Woe betide you if you stray towards the edge though. Despite that, it all looks very pretty at the moment as you can see in this rare picture of a boat coming the other way.

However we had another obstacle yesterday when we went down to the winding hole. A boat adrift across the canal. Not tied up properly and surprise, surprise, it was an unlicenced one. Happily another boater from our moorings managed to shove it out of the way for us.

Later, on our way out of the arm we encountered another obstacle. This poor cormorant desperately swam in front of us, diving then re emerging to see us still bearing down on him. This went on for some time until at last he had the sense to just move aside. Then, ten minutes later I at last managed to photograph a kingfisher. Usually they fly off before I get the camera set.

We had a smooth run down to Bulls Bridge where we did a spring clean of the boat ready for Claire and family to take over Herbie while we went home by car to be dog sitters for the weekend. Here we are outside Tesco at sunset, all spruced up and ready for the handover. We even turned the boat round so all they had to do in the morning was turn through the bridge and follow their noses to London.

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saltysplash said...

Some good pics Neil
The arm actually looks as attractive as we know it is despite its bad press