Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mystery solved

I received a comment from Eddy, a former owner of Barka Dio, the unusual boat I featured in my post on June 17th.

He writes "Barka dio was our previous 2th boat in Holland, boat 1 is named Misty too, this is the one we live on in the Med. We kept it as a pied a terre. when we sold it, it is transported to the UK and it looks like they renovated the interior totaly. The boat is a "Westlander" build in 1935 as a sailing farmer Barge. in about 1970 it was turned in to a "cruiser" on our site you wil find pictures from a trip we made tru the dutch canals, including pictures from a trip to Turkey with Misty Too, look at under foto's you will find "Barka Dio" wich is greek for "Boat 2"

Thanks Eddy for solving the mystery of this smart little boat.

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