Sunday, February 15, 2009

More on Gold licence economics

In my piece the other day I was way out in my Gold licence cost. Here are the real facts whcih make quite interesting reading.

For our 50ft boat:

Annual BW licence (before April 09) £555 inc prompt payment reduction
Annual Gold licence £852. This covers virtually everywhere for the year.

Giving a difference of £297

If we only had the BW licence then for our planned summer cruise we would also have to buy
31 day EA licence for East Anglian rivers for our fens trip £179 (after April 09)
extra 7 day licence if we stay on a bit longer £71 (a possibility)
15 day Thames licence if we head up that way en route (which would be nice) £90

So £269 if we don't hang about in the fens or £340 we stay there a while. Given the fact that our home mooring is only a day from the Thames, we could well get a bit more use out of the gold licence at other times, which would mean it was worth it.

£852 sounds a hell of a lot of money though, and if our plans fell through for whatever reason we'd be severely out of pocket.

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VallyP said...

Still seems like a worthwhile investment given the freedom it gives you for the rest of the year.