Thursday, February 19, 2009

A soaking on the South Oxford Canal

My South Oxford canal Ometer is now available if anyone wants it. I've included 40 places on the canal as calculation points. Just follow the Herbie Files link to the right of this screen.

The South Oxford is one of the most popular canals for holiday cruising. We did it once some years ago on a boat hired from Weltonfield. Of all the hire trips we ever did, this was the wettest. I don't think it stopped raining from start to finish. Jaz, our dog (now sadly departed) fell in the canal before we even cast off and proceeded to do so at regular intervals. I think this was the first boat we hired that had fitted carpets throughout. A daft idea if you ask me. It was also the holiday on which we invented the Jim MacBeam, a whisky mac made with Jim Beam and still a great favourite as a warmer after a good soaking or freezing.

Perhaps this year we might get to see the canal in the sunshine. I imagine it might be nice.

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VallyP said...

Hope you get lots of sunshiny cruising days this year, Neil. Holidays like the one you describe here are more fun in the telling than in the experiencing!