Saturday, February 07, 2009

Those hit hardest by the snow.

Most weeks I try to spend a day fishing which is wonderful for fresh air and contemplation. This week, as you might have guessed, I left my rod and reel at home. I did however go for a stroll in the snow around one of my local fishing haunts - three lakes and a stretch of the little river Blackwater. It seems I was the first human visitor since the snow as there were no human footprints, but I was amazed to see the huge number of tracks left by the wildlife. At one piont where the path narrows round the lake, they all came together.

Most I think were fox tracks, but I could also see where a heron had been pacing around looking for food. I must be terrible for wild animals in this weather. They have a maximum need for calories to keep warm, and minimum chance of finding food. Rounding a bend in the river, I disturbed a couple of large deer who of course ran off before I could ready my camera. The deer were rummaging around in what is left of the weed cover on the river bank under some trees. I guess they can get enough to eat. I suspect the predators and the birds are the ones who have a tough time.

Next time you feel sorry for yourself stuck in the snow or ice, spare a thought for these creatures. Better still, put some food out for them.

PS A couple of people have spotted that pictures on the blog lately don't enlarge as they should when you click on them. I don't know why this is. Any ideas?

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VallyP said...

I love all the paw and claw prints Neil. And yes, I do feel sorry for the little creatures. They have it hard in these months. As for your photos, I can't imagine why they don't enlarge. Maybe it has to do with your browser? Try another one?